Members of Bilingualism Matters at the University of Edinburgh are available to give talks to local schools and community groups on raising children with more than one language and other aspects of bilingualism and language learning. Most of these talks are currently online.

To arrange for a member of Bilingualism Matters Edinburgh to give a talk or workshop to a school or community group you are involved in, please ask the headteacher or group leader to contact us by email:

17 January 2022

Girontondo Italian School

Talk by Prof Antonella Sorace

26 January 2022

Morningside Justice & Peace Group

Bilingualism over the lifespan: myths, science, and science-fiction - Prof Antonella Sorace

15 February 2022

The Grange Association

Learning languages as an adult. How far can you go, and does age matter? - Prof Antonella Sorace