Bilinguilism Matters is delighted to support Thistles & Sunflowers festival highlighting bilingual strories and artists from the lands of thistles and sunflowers. We are looking forward to our ongoing exploration of Bulgarian language which started with our continued collaboration with the Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Centre Scotland in 2018.

There is so much to discover at the Thistles & Sunflowers festival 18 May – 11 June 2022 at Edinburgh's Scottish Storytelling Centre and especially during the festival weekend 27-29 May 2022 – from an exhibition of poetry, botany and urban design to short films based on stories, poems and books and even a Balkan Ceilidh, where you can find out why bilingualism matters from our storyteller, the cognitive neuroscientist Thomas Bak. Join us!

For festival tickets on a Pay What You Can basis and further details please visit: