PALA (Processability Approaches to Language Acquisition)

is an international symposium held yearly at different universities around the world. The symposium focuses on research and developments related to processability approaches to language acquisition, particularly second language acquisition and bilingualism/multilingualism research, empirical issues and practical applications.


  • Multilingual acquisition (including both standard and minority languages)
  • The PT hierarchy
  • Pragmatics/syntax-interface
  • Transfer and developmental stages
  • Role of PT in learning and teaching
  • Specific language impairment

Keynote speakers

  • Manfred Pienemann, Paderborn University
  • Gabriele Pallotti, University of Modena-Reggio Emilia

Conference registration

Participation to the conference is free, but it is mandatory to register. The conference registration will open after June 14, 2021.

Organising Committee

Marco Magnani, Federica Ricci Garotti, Fabiana Rosi (Main Organizers – University of Trento), Daniele Artoni (University of Verona), Ermenegildo Bidese (University of Trento), Patrizia Cordin (University of Trento), Adalgisa Mingati (University of Trento), Manuela Moroni (University of Trento), Jacopo Saturno (University of Bergamo)

Scientific Committee

  • Ragnar Arntzen (Østfold University College, Norway)
  • Kristof Baten (The University of Ghent, Belgium)
  • Bruno Di Biase (Western Sydney University, Australia)
  • Bronwen Dyson (The University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Anna Flyman‐Mattsson (Lund University, Sweden)
  • Gisela Håkansson (Lund University, Sweden/Østfold University College, Norway)
  • Arnstein Hjelde (Østfold University College, Norway)
  • Yuki Itani-Adams (The Australian National University, Australia)
  • Louise Jansen (The Australian National University, Australia)
  • Satomi Kawaguchi (Western Sydney University, Australia)
  • Jörg‐U. Keßler (Ludwigsburg University of Education)
  • Anke Lenzing (Paderborn University, Germany)
  • Elisabeth Mayer (The Australian National University, Australia)
  • Manfred Pienemann (Paderborn University, Germany)
  • Ingo Plag (The University of Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Yumiko Yamaguchi (Tokai University, Japan)
  • Yanyin Zhang (The Australian National University, Australia)