See below the projects realized by our engaged students of the current Academic Year:

Alessia Andreis: “I primi passi verso il linguaggio” (The first steps towards language acquisition)

Interviews with operators working in speech and language therapy to understand problems, alternatives, and solutions: I primi passi verso il linguaggio

Chiara Mattei: “Tradurre il confronto sul bilinguismo” (Translating the confrontation on bilingualism)

Translation of articles, comments, and posts from all over the world to promote good practices in our local scene: L’utilizzo dell’arte e della creatività nell’insegnamento e nello studio delle lingue in un contesto multilingue

Roberta Iavarone: “Bilinterview”

Empowerment of parents and children inspired by bilingual persons to encourage bilingual decision-processing by shared experiences: Bilinterview: Interview of Nana Motobi & Roberta Iavarone