Dr Anna Balas
Professor, Department of Contemporary English Language / Adam Mickiewicz University More
Prof Antonella Sorace
Professor of Developmental Linguistics, University of Edinburgh / Founding Director of Bilingualism Matters More
Dr. Georgia Fotiadou
Deputy Director of @BM Thessaloniki; Laboratory Teaching Staff / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki More
Francesca Foppolo
Professor of Linguistics, Bilingualism Matters International Board Member More
Dr Tihana Kraš
Branch Director; Associate Professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Department of English Language and Literature) / University of Rijeka More
Dr Katarzyna Przybycien
CEO of Bilingualism Matters
Dr Frances Blanchette
Assistant Director, Center for Language Science & Assistant Research Professor, Pennsylvania State University / Branch Coordinator, Bilingualism Matters @ Penn State More
Prof. Tanja Rinker
Professorship for German as a Foreign Language / Didactics of German as a Second Language More
Dr. John W. Schwieter
Professor in Spanish and Linguistics, Wilfrid Laurier University / Director of Bilingualism Matters Laurier More
Yang Wang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Language and Literacy Education at UofSC. She is co-Director of the Center of Bilingualism Matters @ UofSC. Her research focuses on reading comprehension, reading assessment, English language teaching and learning, and biliteracy. More
Dr. Maaike Verrips
Director BM@NL, De Taalstudio More
Abril Jiménez
Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies / Davidson College More
Dr. Carmit Altman
Branch Deputy Director, BM Ramat Gan / Bar Ilan University More