Bilingualism Matters Edinburgh

Classroom resources on bilingualism in English and Gaelic - Twinkl

Answers to common parents' questions in English, Gaelic, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Greek

Useful leaflets, research summaries, books and more

Much Language Such Talk podcast

Bilingualism Matters Luxembourg

TRANSLA - a program for multilingual children with resources for teachers and parents in English, French and German

Bilingualism Matters Rijeka

Articles in Croatian, Italian and English

Bilingualism Matters Chicago

Sections for parents of bilingual children and educators in English

Bilingualism Matters Krakow

Answers to parents' questions and recommended reading in Polish

Bilingualism Matters Netherlands /

Selection of resources in Dutch on their website, including:

Bilingualism Matters Milan

Questions and answers about bilingualism in English and Italian


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