The programme contains 8 sessions on multilingual classroom, home-school collaboration, multilingual brain and cross-linguistic transfer, oracy, literacy, and teachers’ own experience with translanguaging pedagogy.

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Research has shown that translanguaging develops deeper thinking, affirms multiple identities, develops language and literacy, and promotes social justice. Translanguaging pedagogy builds on the use of the full linguistic repertoire of linguistically diverse children - engages children cognitively, linguistically, and socio-emotionally in order to reinforce their learning, achievement, and identity.

This project advocates partnership-based research where the aims are to:

  1. provide professional development course on translanguaging to preschool teachers to help them design their multilingual classroom practices,
  2. foster home-school collaboration by actively involving children’s families, and
  3. reinforce children’s cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional engagement in the classroom.

Project developed and carried out by Gabrijela Aleksić.

TRANSLA project team: Gabrijela Aleksić, Džoen Bebić-Crestany, Claudine Kirsch, Ofelia García, Nancy Hornberger, Iryna Verba and Miriam Ventura.

Illustration by Maristella Mangipinto

(FNR C18-SC-12637907-TRANSLA-Aleksic)