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Bilingualism Matters Symposium 2025

The Bilingualism Matters Symposium (BMS) is an interdisciplinary conference organised by Bilingualism Matters. It is open to researchers as well as practitioners, irrespective of their affiliation with Bilingualism Matters. The BMS aims to stimulate a productive dialogue between researchers in different academic disciplines and practitioners in different sectors of society. BMS will take place in Edinburgh from March 24-25, 2025.

Beauty in the mixing: Languages and dialects mix naturally in linguistically diverse contexts

In Southern California, many languages and dialects are in the air. They are spoken on their own and in mixtures in every possible form that might be imagined. Despite the naturalness of language mixing, there is a mythology that switching from one language to the other or allowing all known languages to enter into discourse is marked and not the norm. In this mini conference, we hope to begin to dispel this mythology by coming together to discuss the varied contexts in which languages are mixed. Note that this mini-conference sponsored by Bilingualism Matters in California will precede the Fifteenth Heritage Language Research Institute that will be held at UCI from June 10-June 13:

BMRS2023 - Bilingualism Matters Research Symposium 2023

Our annual interdisciplinary research conference is on again this year, with a two-day programme packed with the latest bilingualism research. The conference is held at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA and online. Registrations OPEN NOW.

Bilingualism Matters Knowledge Exchange Forum

The annual BM KE Forum is an opportunity for all to meet and learn about the work led by Bilingualism Matters members across the world of research, practice and media.

Why is multilingualism good for you?

Online panel discussion event at Curious, the online summer events programme from The Royal Society Edinburgh.

Bilingualism Matters Annual Knowledge Exchange Event

Find out about our annual event for current and prospective members of Bilingualism Matters.

Bilingualism Matters Launch Event

The official launch of our new Bilingualism Matters social enterprise on 30 March 2022.


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Professor Antonella Sorace has been elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Congratulations to Professor Antonella Sorace who has been honoured by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

French and language ideologies in a multilingual workplace

Discover how (non-) negotiation of language choices shapes workplace dynamics in a multilingual EU institution. Our latest report is a read for those who personally experience the resulting tension and disappointment in communication, as well as for managers who care for linguistic well-being (>> talent retention) in their international teams.

The Languages Gateway: a new portal for languages in the UK

Explore the Languages Gateway: a new portal for languages that connects information, resources, and opportunities on languages across the UK.

TEAM is looking for feedback on their new videos for teachers!

Teacher Education About Multilingualism (TEAM) project is releasing free educational resources, aimed to help educators understand and navigate the intricacies of working with multilingual pupils and in multilingual classrooms. Help us evaluate our open education resource TEAM .

Are native-speaking teachers essential at school?

Only native-speaking teachers can properly teach a language at school.
Have you ever heard of this statement, or do you perhaps believe in it yourself?
Let’s have a closer look at the related research.

To Speak or Not to Speak, a question for monolingual migrants

Monolingual expats often struggle to learn the language of their host country, particularly if it’s not required in day-to-day interactions. This article will explain why you should make the effort to learn the local language, as well as how it will improve your life abroad.

Multimind Project - Final Conference & Resources

Find out about the MultiMind Project Final Conference and how to access free resources on multilingualism, including a fun quiz, flyers and videos on multilingualism and developmental language disorders, and policy reports for professionals.

Launching a new Bilingualism Matters

Find out about our new Bilingualism Matters social enterprise and how to get involved.

From the fear of mistakes to the joy of understanding

What do young graduates from all over Europe learn about communication during their EU traineeship? That mutual understanding across (linguistic and geopolitical) borders is as hot an issue as ever. However, this does not come without effort...

Resources on bilingualism for English and Gaelic speaking classrooms

Bilingualism Matters Edinburgh has teamed up with educational platform Twinkl and SCILT to create a range of free resources on bilingualism for teachers to use in English and Gaelic speaking classrooms.

New resources for parents and educators

BM Luxembourg launches TRANSLA - a new program for multilingual children - with resources for teachers and parents in English, French and German

Arts In Tongues Wins Award

A BM Edinburgh project aiming to inspire local Edinburgh communities to connect with languages has won the Collaboration Award at the recent Creative Edinburgh Awards.

Literacy in early childhood – Picture books and…?

Young children only learn written language at school, right? Not really. Children’s first print experience at home matters...

Bilingualism Matters across the World

Find out about our affiliate meeting at the Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting, taking place on on 4th November 2021.

Online discussion on bilingualism, brain & society

Knowable Magazine hosts a fascinating discussion on bilingualism, the brain and society with Dr. Uju Anya and Dr. Judith Kroll, who talks about plans for a new BM branch at UC Irvine in the USA.

Why monolinguals ‘cringe’ in a multilingual society

Do you apologise for your poor foreign language skills in multilingual encounters? Find out about the hidden social effects of this common monolingual practice.

UNESCO Futures of Education

Bilingualism Matters is working in partnership with UNESCO on the Futures of Education initiative. Find out about about latest developments and reports.