Bilingualism Matters at the University of Edinburgh has worked with teacher team at Twinkl and Scotland’s National Centre for Languages (SCILT) to develop fantastic new resources on what it means to be bilingual. The free resources have been created for teachers to use with their pupils at First Level, available in two languages for both English and Gaelic speaking classrooms.

Children will learn about the different ways we can be bilingual, the effects of bilingualism and some of the benefits to us all, through fun and educational activities.

The resources come in the form of games, conversation cards, a quiz and presentations, and include:

  • A PowerPoint presentation to teach learners about bilingualism, what it is and what its characteristics are, with the opportunity to reflect and understand more the term 'bilingual'. 
  • A treasure hunt activity to teach bilingualism-related vocabulary.
  • A colourful, fun and interactive bilingualism board game to help learners comprehend what it means to be bilingual, with the opprotunity to challenge themselves and practise being in certain situations when they need to decide which language to use.
  • A PowerPoint presentation with a variety of sayings in other languages, providing a useful opportunity to discuss global citizenship.

The resources are a great way to start celebrating linguistic diversity in schools!

Link to resources on Twinkl website