BMRS2021 - Bilingualism Matters Research Symposium 2021

Our annual interdisciplinary research conference is online again this year, with a two-day programme packed with the latest bilingualism research. Registration is now open.

PALA 2021

PALA (Processability Approaches to Language Acquisition) is an international symposium held yearly at different universities around the world. The symposium focuses on research and developments related to processability approaches to language acquisition, particularly second language acquisition and bilingualism/multilingualism research, empirical issues and practical applications.

BM Edinburgh Upcoming Events

Find out about upcoming public events that BM Edinburgh members will be part of over Summer/Autumn 2021.

Bilingualism Matters Edinburgh Annual Event 2021

Bilingualism Matters Edinburgh members and collaborators discuss projects and research findings, and reveal exciting new plans for the future.

Podcast Special: Debora Kayembe for Refugee Week 2021

Special podcast episode as part of Refugee Festival Scotland, interviewing University of Edinburgh rector, Debora Kayembe.

UniTalks: Multilingual Children Today and Tomorrow

Prof. Claudine Kirsch, Associate Professor in languages at the University of Luxembourg will talk about myths on multilingualism, her research studies in formal and non-formal education, and the Bilingualism Matters branch in Luxembourg.

Online Q&A with Eowyn Crisfield

Do you ever wonder HOW to raise your children with more than one language? Then join us in our online meeting with Eowyn Crisfield, author of 'Bilingual Families: A Practical Language Planning Guide'.

Autism & Bilingualism: Practitioner Webinar

Webinar for UK clinicians and practitioners working with autistic bilingual people and their families, with talks on current research from experts in the field.

Raising bilingual children

Q&A for bilingual children's parents

Congratulations from all over the world

9 experts on multilingualism congratulate to the launch of BM Luxembourg branch

Minister Claude Meisch opens the launch of BM Luxembourg

The Minister of national Education, Early Childhood and Youth of Luxembourg

International Mother Language Day

On the International Mother Language Day (21 February 2021), the MultiMind team together with different Bilingualism Matters branches are organising interactive online events on "Multilingualism: myths, facts, research, and stories".

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Meet Me Tonight 2020

Bilingualism, a world to discover!

Bilingualism Matters Chicago Events

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COVID's Impact on Raising Bilingual Children - Home strategies and more...

Bilingual Children in Corona Days