Bilingualism Matters Symposium 2025

The Bilingualism Matters Symposium (BMS) is an interdisciplinary conference organised by Bilingualism Matters. It is open to researchers as well as practitioners, irrespective of their affiliation with Bilingualism Matters. The BMS aims to stimulate a productive dialogue between researchers in different academic disciplines and practitioners in different sectors of society. BMS will take place in Edinburgh from March 24-25, 2025.

What songs do you like? Music and Music Therapy practices to support multilingualism at home

Event for families. Conference about the current research-based knowledge on the use of music and music therapy practices to support multilingualism in the form of a joyful workshop. Parents and children of all ages are welcome!

‘More than another language!’ at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Join Professor Antonella Sorace as she performs her ‘More than another language!’ show at the Stand Comedy Club for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024

Upcoming talk - Multilingualism in neurotypical and autistic families

Hybrid event about supporting multilingualism at home

Beauty in the mixing: Languages and dialects mix naturally in linguistically diverse contexts

In Southern California, many languages and dialects are in the air. They are spoken on their own and in mixtures in every possible form that might be imagined. Despite the naturalness of language mixing, there is a mythology that switching from one language to the other or allowing all known languages to enter into discourse is marked and not the norm. In this mini conference, we hope to begin to dispel this mythology by coming together to discuss the varied contexts in which languages are mixed. Note that this mini-conference sponsored by Bilingualism Matters in California will precede the Fifteenth Heritage Language Research Institute that will be held at UCI from June 10-June 13:

Bilingualism Matters at the North Edinburgh Community Festival

Join our brilliant team of Bilingualism Matters volunteers at the 3rd annual Festival on Saturday 11th May 2024!

Festival of Freedom Interactive talk: The Pole Position in Bilingualism

Join Bilingualism Matter’s Professor Antonella Sorace and Dr Katarzyna Przybycień for this exciting interactive talk at the Festival of Freedom, Edinburgh

Symposium: Living Multilingualism in Education

Symposium followed by a Panel discussion: Conditions for promoting multilingualism in ECEC

Convegno Background migratorio e plurilinguismo

Convegno dal titolo “Background migratorio e valorizzazione del patrimonio linguistico-culturale “ organizzato dall’Ufficio V Ambito territoriale di Bologna USR E-R, in collaborazione con l’Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna nell’ambito del Festival della Cultura Tecnica.

BMRS2023 - Bilingualism Matters Research Symposium 2023

Our annual interdisciplinary research conference is on again this year, with a two-day programme packed with the latest bilingualism research. The conference is held at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA and online. Registrations OPEN NOW.

Bilinguismo Conta

L’incontro vuole raccontare del progetto regionale e della ricerca connessa e condotta dall’Università di Bologna che coinvolge nidi e scuole dell’infanzia della Regione e che fa emergere dati significativi.

Tense, Aspect and Modality in L2 (TAML2) Conference

Join an international group of researchers for a two-day conference on the acquisition, learning and teaching of Tense, Aspect and Modality (TAM) in second languages (L2)

Bilinguismo in famiglia: alcuni strumenti per orientarsi

Monolinguals vs. multilinguals: who wins?

Does comparing monolinguals and bilinguals really matter? Professor Antonella Sorace explores this and more in her upcoming talk for The Royal Society of Edinburgh's Curious Festival (04-17 September 2023)

Bilingualism Matters @ Monash Education opened at the Faculty of Education at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia on 6th April 2023. The branch is hosted by the bi/multi/plurilingualism research and scholarship group in the Faculty of Education.

We are opening as a branch of Blingualism Matters and will be offically launching this new research outreach group on 4th April 2023. Please join us via Zoom to help us to celebrate this new partnership. We welcome all community members, teachers, and all interested bilingual, multilingual or plurilingual education to join us and let us know how we can share our research with you and your communities. The launch will involve talks from our researchers at Monash and the Director of the Bilingualism Matters consortium Professor Antonella Sorace. We look forward to seeing you online!

Bilingualism Matters Knowledge Exchange Forum

The annual BM KE Forum is an opportunity for all to meet and learn about the work led by Bilingualism Matters members across the world of research, practice and media.

Bilingualism in the classroom and beyond

The last of three workshops in the Scotland’s Saturday Language Schools Series, organised by Bilingualism Matters and SCILT

The Bilingual Revolution : The Future of Education is in Two Languages

Link Zoom: Meeting ID: 824 3441 2330 Passcode: 677925

Gaelic language development and education: a state-of-the-art update

Join us online on Monday 20 February, 16.00-17.30, for a showcase of up-to-date work on children and adults learning Gaelic for World Gaelic Week | Seachdain na Gàidhlig.

How languages can save lives and help to build a better future.

Join us in our new online format. Live and online with Q&A, chat & Expo + 3 months to catch up on anything you miss.

Semana de la Ciencia Comunidad de Madrid

BMRS2022 - Bilingualism Matters Research Symposium 2022

Our annual interdisciplinary research conference is on again this year, with a two-day programme packed with the latest bilingualism research. Registrations open.

Everyone speaks another language!

Does anyone really speak only one language? At what point do you know enough of another language to call yourself bilingual? Join Antonella Sorace in this CODI Fringe show to find out.

Brighter Brains and Languages

Antonella Sorace debates if single-language speakers really exist and Alan Gow explores how to keep sharp as we age, in this CODI show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Why is multilingualism good for you?

Online panel discussion event at Curious, the online summer events programme from The Royal Society Edinburgh.