Everyone speaks another language!

Does anyone really speak only one language? At what point do you know enough of another language to call yourself bilingual? Join Antonella Sorace in this CODI Fringe show to find out.

Brighter Brains and Languages

Antonella Sorace debates if single-language speakers really exist and Alan Gow explores how to keep sharp as we age, in this CODI show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Why is multilingualism good for you?

Online panel discussion event at Curious, the online summer events programme from The Royal Society Edinburgh.

V International Conference on Applied Linguistics to Language Teaching

Día Mundial de las Personas Refugiadas

Bilingual children's (a)typical linguistic development

An informative event for Italian-speaking parents worried about the linguistic development of their bilingual children

Thistles & Sunflowers Festival Weekend

Festival in Edinburgh exploring Bulgarian language and highlighting bilingual stories and artists from the lands of thistles and sunflowers.

Bilingualism Matters Annual Knowledge Exchange Event

Find out about our annual event for current and prospective members of Bilingualism Matters.

Multilingualism in the classroom

An event dedicated to teachers to exchange experiences and provide ideas on how to handle and promote multilingualism in classrooms

Polish Heritage Days May Family Picnic

Come and celebrate Polish Heritage Day with us!

Bilingualism Matters Launch Event

The official launch of our new Bilingualism Matters social enterprise on 30 March 2022.

Voices in Harmony: Bilingualism Matters for Everyone

Conference organized by Bilingualism Matters at the University of South Carolina in the USA on bilingual education. Registration is open.

Dziecko z doświadczeniem migracji - wnioski z badań i wskazówki praktyczne

Conference on working with children from a migration background, with research conclusions and practical guidelines. In Polish.

Training for teachers: multilingualism in schools

A training event dedicated to teachers for the implementation of a multilingual approach in the classrooms

UNESCO’s Futures of Education BM Event (BM members only)

A BM member only event with UNESCO, discussing the Futures of Education Report.

Academic Lecture by Prof Judith Kroll

"Two sides of bilingualism: A lens to the cognitive neuroscience of language and a reflection of our social world" is the second lecture of the IAS Invited Lecture Series in Bilingualism and Multilingualism.

Semana de la Ciencia Comunidad de Madrid

BMRS2021 - Bilingualism Matters Research Symposium 2021

Our annual interdisciplinary research conference is online again this year, with a two-day programme packed with the latest bilingualism research. Registrations close on Sunday 24th Oct 2021.

Belgian minister of Multilingualism visiting the University of Luxembourg

Can Luxembourg be a model for the Brussels region? Sven Gatz (Minister of Multilingualism in Belgium), Philippe Van Parijs (President of the Brussels Chair of Multilingualism), Thomas Lambert (Ambassador of Belgium in Luxembourg) and their team visit the University of Luxembourg to find out how multilingualism is promoted in education.

Exchange of experiences: speech and language therapy and bilingualism

Open discussion about bilingualism dedicated to speech and language therapists

XV International Symposium of Psycholinguistics

Online Q&A with Eowyn Crisfield

Do you ever wonder HOW to raise your children with more than one language? Then join us in our online meeting with Eowyn Crisfield, author of 'Bilingual Families: A Practical Language Planning Guide'.

Raising bilingual children

Q&A for bilingual children's parents

Congratulations from all over the world

9 experts on multilingualism congratulate to the launch of BM Luxembourg branch

Minister Claude Meisch opens the launch of BM Luxembourg

The Minister of national Education, Early Childhood and Youth of Luxembourg