Bilingualism and Sign Languages - A new episode of Bilinguismo Conta @Milano-Bicocca Newsletter is out!

Bilinguismo Conta @Milano-Bicocca has published a new Newsletter, entitled "Bilinguismo e Lingue dei Segni" ("Bilingualism and Sign Languages").

English zooms past the French boom

A kick-off for a reshuffling of the language hierarchy has been launched: French and German, who used to dominate the Luxembourgish administrative and educational world are facing the English language, a strong competitor brought on by globalisation and the rise of the internet.

Luxembourg’s Linguistic Paradox

Luxembourg’s linguistic situation is an example of successful multilingualism, Luxembourgish, French and German are the official languages of the country. Other tongues also find their home here, e.g. English in the financial sector and Portuguese, the idiom spoken by the largest foreign community in the nation.
However, it is important to note the relationship between power and languages, its resulting hierarchy, consistently reinforced or contested by residents.

Childhood - the country of mother language

Mother tongue is the language caregivers talk, sing, and teach it to their new-born. We go to school; we learn to read and write, and we refine our mother tongue through hours of study. It is part of our identity and our belonging to the community.
How about living in a country where you have three official languages?