Bilingualism Matters: Language Learning Across the Lifespan

Take a fascinating journey into the bilingual brain with Maria Garraffa, Antonella Sorace, and Maria Vender in this newly adapted version of Il Cervello Bilingue (2020) translated by John W. Schwieter

What are social scripts and how do they work in a multilingual environment?

Do you know what social scripts are? Did you know they can differ from culture to culture? How do you think they are portrayed in a multilingual setting?

Promote Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Europe

All EU languages are equally important. Languages should be learned early! These declarations come from the European Parliament which has ratified a multilingual language policy (European Parliament, 2013), and the Council of Europe which aims to support multilingualism. This endeavour is also reflected in the educational policies of the European states, though to a different extent.

Three Myths about Multilingualism

Multilingualism - the ability to speak, understand, and function in more than one language - is an increasingly common phenomenon in our modern, globalized world. However, there are still many myths surrounding multilingualism, which often lead to misunderstandings and misconceptions. In this article, we present three common myths about multilingualism that frighten and confuse some parents and educators.