So here I am, but I was certainly not hier hier!?

If you decided to read on, you probably wonder: “Okay, how does this question make any sense?!”. And no worries, you are not wrong, if you said to yourself that “this cannot be right”, right?

Luxembourg's Financial Center Bubble: Choices Beyond Borders

A recent master’s project, conducted at the University of Luxembourg, delved into the dynamics of integration within the country’s financial center, exploring its multicultural international bubble. It examined the reasons for relocation, integration experiences, and identity construction. Specifically, the study focused on language choices and their role in shaping narratives of integration within Luxembourg's financial landscape.

Help with research! Looking for bilingual and monolingual participants who speak Polish and English

We’re looking for people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in this University of Edinburgh study

"Ready, steady, Go!". L’inglese si impara al nido

Una mattina al nido Mazzoni di Bologna: ecco come funziona “Sentire l’Inglese”, il progetto della Regione che avvicina i più piccoli alla lingua inglese in 300 asili dell'Emilia-Romagna.