In a total of 5 videos, which are published on our Youtube channel, we address different issues about bilingualism and how they are studied from a neuroscientific perspective in our research group at the University of Granada.

First video: In this first video our objective is to present a general overview on what it means to be bilingual inside our society. Moreover, we will raise different questions that will encourage reflexion and debate.

Second video: Our objective with this video is to bring our lab and techniques closer to society. Experiments, techniques and recording devices (of the brain and the pupil) all allow us to discover the different faces of bilingualism through research and help us better comprehend the bilingual brain. If you are curious about how we reached conclusions and questions in our last published video you can’t miss this second one in our dissemination video series.

Third video: Bilingualism is a growing phenomenon in our society, and sometimes, the doubts related to this topic are based on data which is not scientific data. In this video we want to share some scientific evidence that helps us to debunk some incorrect ideas that permeate our society. Our organization Bilingualism Matters recommends reading news and dissemination books based on real scientific evidence in order to form solid opinions.

Fourth video: Bilingualism is an experience that generates changes in various aspects of our lives. In this video we summarize some examples where this can be observed. “It all depends on the perspective of the language.”

Fifth video: The main goal of this video is to show the different dissemination strategies we employed with different aged populations and how we were able to transmit the essence of our research to those who are not regularly in contact with a scientific research environment, as well as highlight the main significance of our investigations for society.