On the occasion of the visit of Minister Sven Gatz at the University of Luxembourg on 25th and 26th October, Prof Claudine Kirsch gave a talk "Promoting multilingualism in education in Luxembourg" .

The visiting delegation:

  • Minister Sven Gatz (Brussels Region)President Multilinguism M. Philippe Van Parijs
  • Mrs. Christel Verhasselt, Deputy Head of Cabinet
  • M. Piet Vervaecke, Director of Teaching Center, Brussels
  • M. Sheraz Rafi, Counsellor
  • Ambassadeur Thomas Lambert, Embassy of Belgium in Luxembourg
  • M. Olivier Costa (Embassy of Belgium in Luxembourg)

Left to right: Stéphane Pallage (Rector of the University of Luxembourg), Claudine Kirsch (Associate Prof. University of Luxembourg), Sven Gatz (Minister of Multilingualism, Belgium), Philippe Van Parijs (President of the Brussels Chair of Multilingualism), Thomas Lambert (Ambassador of Belgium in Luxembourg)