The expansion of minority language use among young learners through immersion education, such as the case of Gaelic in Scotland, relies on the provision of equitable and inclusive services that can cater for children of all abilities. To achieve this goal, it is important that Gaelic-medium education (GME) supports and strengthens the potential of pupils of different abilities, including pupils with developmental language impairments.

This project focuses on validating the Gaelic language assessments with a large group of children with typical development and developmental language disorder, increasing the GME potential of providing consistent Gaelic language provision for pupils of all abilities.

Through planned training and dissemination workshops, researchers on this project aim to dispel myths regarding language bilingual education and bilingualism, and contextualise Gaelic-medium education within the wider positive attitudes towards bilingual education and bilingualism.


Recorded talk by Dr Vicky Chondrogianni at the 2020 Edinburgh Gaelic Festival, giving an update on the research findings from this project.


This project is funded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig.


Dr Vicky Chondrogianni
Senior Lecturer in Bilingualism; BM Edinburgh Programme Director (Bilingual development and developmental language disorders) More