Speakaboo enables a speech therapist (with the help of a native speaker) to screen the speech development of multilingual children (3-6 years). Under the guidance of a speech therapist the native speaker elicits words in the native language with games. The Speakaboo app makes sound recordings. After the test the speech therapist can listen back, compare and score each word. The speech therapist can also use the app to let parents hear the child's speech in the mother tongue. This makes it easier to explain a diagnosis. Speakaboo is available in the following languages: Frisian, Swahili, Armenian, Turkish, Tigrinya, Tarifit, Syrian, Somali, Russian, Polish, Papiamento, Moroccan Arabic, Italian, Hindi, German, French, English, Arabic (Egypt), Bosnian and Dutch.

Please visit the website for more information or take a look at an informative video about Speakaboo.

Speakaboo is developed bij Kentalis with support of Meertalig.nl


Dr. Maaike Verrips
Director BM@NL, De Taalstudio More