The Slovenian branch of Bilingualism Matters Network is located the Center for Cognitive Language Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica. It brings together researchers, educators, parents, librarians, children, pupils and students to share knowledge about multilingualism between generations, different professions and fields. In this way, multilingualism is promoted locally and globally. Most importantly, access to reliable information enables different stakeholders to make informed political, professional or personal decisions about multilingualism and language learning - decisions based on facts rather than prejudices, misconceptions or superficial interpretations of findings from scientific research. We support multilingual individuals, families and communities by doing research, we serve the local community by answering questions and making sure our research findings get to people. We disseminate these results through talks, websites and videos, materials and workshops for children and adults.

There are about 6,700 languages in the world - and only about 200 countries. That means that most countries are multilingual, even if their constitutions don't say so. And in fact, there are multilingual speakers all over the world. Moreover, multilingualism is spreading day by day: There are families where the parents speak different languages, there is migration, and many people need to know another language for professional reasons... So what does multilingualism mean? Let's explore it together!

You too can become a part of this project! We invite everyone interested in multilingualism to join us in our important mission as a volunteer. Together we will connect schools, associations and organizations and support parents, children, teachers, politicians and business people in their quest for multilingualism.


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Prof. dr. Penka Stateva
Branch Director, Professor of Linguistics at University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia More
Prof. dr. Arthur Stepanov
Professor of Linguistics at University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia More
Asist. dr. Matic Pavlič
Asistant professor at Pedagogical Faculty, University of Ljubljana More
Asist. dr. Alessandra Zappoli
Assisstant Professor of Linguistics at University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia More

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