Teacher Education About Multilingualism (TEAM) project is releasing free educational resources, aimed to help educators understand and navigate the intricacies of working with multilingual pupils and in multilingual classrooms by expanding their existing knowledge and experiences and introducing new, research derived concepts.

TEAM is looking for evaluators of their open educational resources. If you are a teacher, teacher-to-be or a professional in education, we encourage you to help us evaluate the videos presented below by answering questions in an online survey.

TEAM Videos

The videos presented below introduce key aspects of multilingualism in education.

Different perspectives on the importance of multilingualism for teachers

Linguistic knowldege and awareness of linguistic diversity in classrooms

Interculturality and multilingual education

Teaching migrant learners in the classroom: Things to consider

What is bilingualism and multilingualism?

What is a minority/majority language?

Code-switching and code-interference: An introduction

The “native” speaker and first language attrition  

Impact of multilingualism on the mind and brain

The role of language history

Introduction to family language policy

How to participate?

Watch five or more videos and proceed to the survey below. Please only enter the survey if you have watched all videos you were interested in. In the survey, you will be asked to select the videos you have watched and asked a series of questions regarding each video, so please keep this page open for easy access to video's titles and content.

You can watch any number of video and provide your feedback for them, but only by watching 5 or more and responding to additional few questions in the survey you will qualify for a reward.

The first 80 people who evaluate 5 or more videos can select one of the following rewards!  

Eligibility: teachers working in schools and at univeristies, professionals in education wiorking with teachers and students learning to become teachers.

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More details on TEAM

TEAM project website: http://team.amu.edu.pl/,

YouTube channel @TEAMultilingual