Arts in Tongues celebrates the diverse communities of bilingual artists in Edinburgh, showing the benefits of language learning, cultural immersion and creative play with early years and young people. Bilingualism Matters is proud to be a partner on this project with Theatre Sans Accents and Starcatchers UK, bridging the gap between research on bilingualism and language learning, the arts industry and local communities in Edinburgh.


Six short videos were published throughout August 2021 with the specific aim to engage with families and young children through the arts, multiculturalism and multilingualism. 

Each episode, filmed outdoors in key locations around Edinburgh, sees an artist from a different cultural and artistic background share their work and their relationship between their practice and their cultural/linguistic heritage in an accessible and playful manner.

The episodes are all presented by Marion Geoffray from Theatre Sans Accents and filmed by Lucas Chih-Peng Kao.

Artist 1 - Cynthia WS Cheung

Artist 2 - Jessica Gaitán Johannesson

Artist 3 - Ida Casilli

Artist 4 - Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir

Artist 5 - Pirita Tuisku

Artist 6 - Jose Rojas Navea


The calls for artists was open in June 2021 for the following four disciplines:

  • Bilingual multidisciplinary artist
  • Bilingual musician
  • Bilingual dancer
  • Bilingual writer or spoken word artist

Project partners


This project is supported by the University of Edinburgh Local Community Grants Scheme.


"Arts in Tongues" won the Creative Edinburgh Collaboration Award in November 2021.


Arts In Tongues Wins Award

A BM Edinburgh project aiming to inspire local Edinburgh communities to connect with languages has won the Collaboration Award at the recent Creative Edinburgh Awards.