Training the new generation of researchers in multilingualism.
Non-Canonical Questions in Early and Late Bilingual Language Acquisition
Students' Perceptions of Inequality and Fairness
European Reform University Alliance
TEAM - Teacher Education About Multilingualism
Educating pre-service and in-service teachers about various aspects of bilingualism that is often missing from their training.


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MultiMind Final Conference
Multimind Project - Final Conference & Resources

Find out about the MultiMind Project Final Conference and how to access free resources on multilingualism, including a fun quiz, flyers and videos on multilingualism and developmental language disorders, and policy reports for professionals.

Multimind Lecture Series

'The Multilingual Mind' is a lecture series on multilingualism across disciplines from the Multimind Project.

Conference on Multilingualism 2021


Prof. Dr. Theodoros Marinis
Professor Multilingualism, BM@Konstanz Branch Director More
Members of the Centre for Multilingualism at the University Konstanz

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