Much Language Such Talk
A language podcast discussing questions about language, learning, and culture with expert guests.
TEAM - Teacher Education About Multilingualism
Educating pre-service and in-service teachers about various aspects of bilingualism that is often missing from their training.
Bilingualism Matters in the Waterloo Region and Canada
A three-year research project investigating the challenges of 21st century bilingualism at the local level in Canada.
ALIHAS - A Linguistic Investigation of Hate Speech
Investigating and discussing hate speech from a linguistic perspective - how to identify it and how to avoid it.
Training the new generation of researchers in multilingualism.
Arts in Tongues
A pilot mini-web series of 6 short episodes about the diverse communities of artists present in Edinburgh, engaging families and young children through the arts, multiculturalism and multilingualism.
Supporting children with language disorders in primary Gaelic-medium schools
Supporting and strengthening the potential of pupils of different abilities in Scottish Gaelic Medium Education, including pupils with developmental language impairments.


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BM Edinburgh Autumn/Winter 2021 Events

Find out about public events that BM Edinburgh members will be part of over Autumn/Winter 2021.

BM Edinburgh Summer 2021 Events

Find out about public events that BM Edinburgh members will be part of over Summer 2021.

Bilingualism Matters Edinburgh Annual Event 2021

Bilingualism Matters Edinburgh members and collaborators discuss projects and research findings, and reveal exciting new plans for the future.

Autism & Bilingualism: Practitioner Webinar

Webinar for UK clinicians and practitioners working with autistic bilingual people and their families, with talks on current research from experts in the field.


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Looking for Italians living in the UK

The 'Bilingualism and Hate Speech Experiences' study needs participants to help with research.

Help with research!

Help with research and be compensated for your time! PhD student looking for native Spanish speakers from Spain, living in the UK or Spain.

BM Edinburgh Newsletter May 2021

The latest news and updates from Bilingualism Matters at the University of Edinburgh, including upcoming events and research.

UNESCO Futures of Education

Bilingualism Matters is working in partnership with UNESCO on the Futures of Education initiative. Find out about about latest developments and reports.

Teaching Spanish as a third language in the British academic setting

By Lourdes Barquín Sanmartín, PhD in Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

Do you trust this accent?

BM Edinburgh volunteer Dr Maria Dokovova interviews Dr Lauren Hall-Lew from the University of Edinburgh about accents and trust.

Contribute to UNESCO’s Future of Education report

The UNESCO International Commission on the Futures of Education is looking for feedback on its Progress Update report by 30th April 2021.

Growing up a bilingual imposter

Blog post by Maggie Mroczkowski, BM Edinburgh Volunteer and PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh

Iberodocs Documentary Film Festival

Bilingualism Matters is a collaborator in this year's festival, which has a great programme of Portuguese and Spanish documentary films, available across the UK and Ireland.

Publication of BM reports for UNESCO's Futures of Education

Bilingualism Matters has contributed two full reports and a summary consultation report to the UNESCO Futures of Education initiative, highlighting the crucial role of languages in education.

Looking for Gaelic-speaking children to take part in research

A research team from the University of Edinburgh is looking at how bilingual children learn Gaelic and English and which areas of the languages are hard for them.

The Joy of Languaging: In Celebration of Human Rights Day

Blog post by Mariel Deluna, PhD Education Student at University of Edinburgh & BM Edinburgh Volunteer

Galician: A minority language in Spain

Post by María García Basanta, BM Edinburgh Volunteer, on her native language, Galician.

Accent Postivity

Post by Dr Maria Dokovova, BM Edinburgh Volunteer

Happy Autism Awareness Week!

Article by Bérengère Digard, with the support of Sonny and Fergus from AMASE

The Edinburgh Multilingual Stories Festival

Find out about the Edinburgh Multilingual Stories Festival, a celebration of languages that ran in 2018 and 2019, and we plan to host again in the future.

Multilingual Encounters: Sign Language Researcher Helen Koulidobrova
Is bilingual education harmful?
Prof Antonella Sorace – online & in the news

A selection of online videos from events and talks given by Prof Antonella Sorace, and links to articles in the media.


Prof Antonella Sorace
Professor of Developmental Linguistics, University of Edinburgh / Founding Director of Bilingualism Matters More
Dr Katarzyna Przybycien
Research and Outreach Coordinator / BM@Edinburgh & BM Network
Christy Brewster
Centre & BM Network Administrator
Dr Vicky Chondrogianni
Senior Lecturer in Bilingualism; BM Edinburgh Programme Director (Bilingual development and developmental language disorders) More
Dr Thomas Bak
Reader in Human Cognitive Neuroscience & BM Edinburgh Programme Director (Bilingualism in later life, healthy ageing & dementia) More
Dr Ania Byerly
Senior Teaching Fellow in Language Education, Moray House School of Education and Sport; BM Edinburgh Programme Director (Teacher Education) More
Thomas Chaurin
Head of Languages for All; BM Edinburgh Programme Director (Language Teaching and Learning) More
Prof Rob Dunbar
Chair of Celtic Languages, Literature, History and Antiquities; BM Edinburgh Programme Director (Gaelic) More
Dr Guy Puzey
Lecturer in Scandinavian Studies; BM Edinburgh Programme Director (Language Visibility and Nordic Languages) More
Dr Carlos Soler Montes
Lecturer in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies; BM Edinburgh Programme Director (Spanish & Portuguese) More
Eva-Maria Schnelten
PhD Student in Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh More
Carine Abraham
PhD candidate in Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh More
Brittany Blankinship
PhD Student in Psychology, Human Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh More
Dr Maria Dokovova
PhD Phonetics and MSc Speech and Language Therapy, Queen Margaret University More
Dr Bérengère Digard
Engagement Officer, Patrick Wild Centre, University of Edinburgh More
Mattia Zingaretti
PhD Student in Linguistics & English Language, University of Edinburgh More
Roberta Spelorzi
PhD Student in Linguistics & English Language, University of Edinburgh More
María García Basanta
MSc Developmental Linguistics Student, University of Edinburgh More
Dobrochna Futro
PhD candidate in Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Glasgow More
Candice Mathers
PhD candidate in Linguistics & English Language, University of Edinburgh
Jessica Schulz
PhD student in Psychology, University of Edinburgh More
Mariel Deluna
PhD Student in Education, University of Edinburgh
Maggie Mroczkowski
PhD Candidate in Education, University of Edinburgh More

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